type machine – weight – dimensions

Caterpillar bulldozers

Caterpillar D10 : ca. 66,5 Ton – dim. 9,26m x 3,72m x 4,55m ;

Caterpillar D9 : ca. 49 Ton – dim. 8,14m x 4,32m x 4m ;

Caterpillar D8 : ca.  37,5 Ton – dim. 8m x 4,26m x 3,51m ;

Caterpillar D6 : ca. 20,5 Ton – dim. 5,71m x 3,99m x 3,25m ;

Options Undercarriage :

Heavy Duty undercarriage: standard – is suited to aggressive applications, including forestry and working in rocky or uneven terrain;

Low Ground Pressure undercarriage: LGP – a wider track gauge, wider track shoes and more track-on-ground, performs efficiently in soft or swamp-like ground conditions;

Extended Length undercarriage: XL  – uses longer roller frame and added track, placed toward the front of the machine, for optimum balance in general earthmoving to finish-grading applications;